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1. All members are required to provide accurate and honest information regarding their identity, intentions, and character. This means...

...no anonymous registration or use of this site. All users are required to provide their real name, age, and location.

...any additional personal information provided voluntarily must nevertheless be accurate, including but not limited to your occupation, personal history, achievements, and life experiences.

...no ulterior motives, such as shilling, spamming, or trolling the site for political purposes.

...misrepresenting yourself in any way, or failing to disclose pertinent information about yourself, will result in being banned from this site.

2. Be respectful and courteous to all members and staff at all times. This means...

...no passive aggressive or snarky remarks directed towards members or staff. If you run out of constructive things to say to someone then it's time to move on.

...no retaliatory remarks in response to someone else's bad behavior. Infractions will be handled in private by staff, so please use the "Report" button instead of adding fuel to the fire.

...stay off your high horse.

...refrain from drive-by posting. Please make sure to read the entire thread, and make sure that your post is relevant and that it advances the discussion by adding something new.

...every thread is an island. Something someone says in one thread will NOT be used as ammunition against them in another.

...no doxing of any kind (doxing is revealing someone's personal information without their permission).

3. Keep it decent and in good taste. This means...

...no foul language or taking the Lord's name in vain. PG swearing is allowed, but please keep it on the level of a southern gentleman.

...no graphic content posted for shock value or entertainment. Newsworthy/educational items are the exception.

...no discussions pertaining to any illegal activity.

...no scantily clad photos, comments of a sexual nature, or off color humor.

4. Refrain from using logical fallacies. This means...

...no ad hominems in any form (attack the argument, not the person making it).

...no straw man arguments (don't put words in someone's mouth).

...no appealing to the majority. We want constructive discussions, not group think.

...no appealing to your own authority. Qualify your arguments with demonstrable facts from verifiable sources, as opposed to your own qualifications or experience.

Terms of service are as follows:

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