Become an Industry Partner

What is your industry partner program?

Our industry partners provide incentives for forum members in the form of discounts and exclusive deals, and in return they receive free promotion of their brand through our site. It's a win win deal for everyone involved. Our partners get new customers who may not have otherwise found them, our members get value added to their forum experience, and we benefit by the incentive to join provided by a comprehensive list of relevant companies.

What is the cost to my company?

There is no cost to participate, and you only provide discounts to customers who come to you through the forum. Our goal was to create a nothing to lose model for our industry partners, meaning there are no strings attached. You have the option of backing out or changing the terms at any time. All we ask is that you notify us if you wish to discontinue or change the terms so we can update the information that our members see. This is no skin off our teeth, and there will be no hard feelings.

What do your industry partners get in return?

Every partner gets their own forum in the industry partners category, which is in the forum list on our index page. You and/or a representative of your company will receive an industry partner account, enabling you to have 100% control of your forum. You can use it to announce new products, promotions, and special deals, as well as give updates on product availability, post photos and videos featuring your products, etc.

What do you require to become an industry partner?

The program is open to manufacturers, retailers, and providers of services. All we require is that our partners provide a relevant product or service to our members at an exclusive price. We do not have minimum requirements and evaluate everything on an individual basis, with the only object being to provide our members with a true value they couldn't get elsewhere. In general, our industry partners give a 10-20% discount.

We realize, however, that everyone has a different business model, so a one size fits all set of terms won't work. Other ways to incentivise members are offering free shipping, free promotional products with certain order amounts, and so on. The incentive may even only apply to one product or group of products. What's important to us is that the incentive is hassle free for you to apply to orders, straight forward, and is mutually beneficial to both your company and our members

How do I sign up?

Simply contact the administrator at Please provide us with the name of your company, your web address, and a way to contact you directly.