What was your strangest/funniest arrest?

Discussion in 'The Thin Blue Line' started by Jack, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    What's the funniest/most bizarre call you've ever been out on?
  2. Fyrtwuck

    Fyrtwuck Keyboard Operator Armed Forces Law Enforcement

    That would probably be the one when I thought I was going to have a slow peaceful Sunday on day shift. I used to work in a small town where it was normal to have only one officer on duty for the whole city.

    The day started nice and quiet. Dispatch calls me on the radio and gives me an address in the local trailer park and tells me there is an Ostrich running loose. I acknowledge the call and when I arrive, sure enough there is an Ostrich. A call to our only animal control officer and three hours later after she was able to borrow a horse trailer for transport. Another hour later with the cooperation of almost every resident in the trailer park, Ostrich captured.

    I get back in the car and notify dispatch that the Ostrich is in custody and I'm back in service. Nope, no such luck. As soon as I un-key the mike I get dispatched to another address about a half a mile away of another Ostrich running loose. I tell animal control to follow me and off we go. We get on scene and yep, here is another Ostrich. Another two hours later and a lot of Ostrich herding we finally catch the other one.

    Now I finally get to go back in service and I take the opportunity to get some food while I can before something else happens. I get fed and dispatch calls again. Complaint about a guy running over a dog. I contacted the reporting party who said that he saw a guy purposely run over a dog, do a u-turn and tried to hit it again. He said he knew who it was. I took his information and went to give the suspect a visit.

    When I arrived at his house, he asked immediately if I was there about his missing Ostriches. After some investigating I found that he was the owner of the ostriches, the dog had come onto his property and spooked them causing them to run away. One of his neighbors told him about the dog and while he went to try and find the ostriches, he saw the dog and tried to run over it in retaliation.

    I filed felony charges on him for animal abuse. I have no idea what happened after that. I was never notified to go to court over it. After finishing all the paperwork, I finally went home two hours past shift change time.
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  3. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    Did you read him his rights? :rolling:
  4. Fyrtwuck

    Fyrtwuck Keyboard Operator Armed Forces Law Enforcement

    Nope, I don't speak Ostrich. I left a hand written note to contact his embassy regarding choice of deportation or being made into a pair of boots.
  5. Fyrtwuck

    Fyrtwuck Keyboard Operator Armed Forces Law Enforcement

    And another one.

    I was working day shift and had just left the PD and stopped at the first intersection which had a four way stop sign. A Buick Park Avenue pulled through the intersection in front of me. Occupied by one B/M and one B/F both juveniles. The driver (the male) was barely tall enough to see over the steering wheel. They were northbound which meant they were not going to school.

    I stopped the car and asked for DL's and insurance verification. Neither had one. The driver was 14 and the passenger was 15. I put them into the back of my car and called a wrecker for impound.

    When I asked where they were going and what they were doing instead of going to school they said "we just chillin". Next, I asked who the car belonged to. The girl said "I don't know, some guy that's spending the night with my momma". "His keys were on the table and we decided to go ridin and chill".

    Citations were issued and they were not happy when they were transported to school.

    Our policy stated that an impounded car could only be released to the registered owner of the car. I got a call from the court clerk the next day. She was laughing so hard that she couldn't hardly talk.

    Seems the the car didn't belong to "the guy who spent the night with her momma", it belonged to HIS WIFE!

    She was madder than a wet hen and wanted to know why her car had been impounded? Why was it in this city? Why were two kids were driving it? Don't know if she found the truth or not, but she did get her car back.
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  6. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Keyboard Operator

    Ok, I went on a ride-along with the Old JBT one July 4th. I could tell you stories from now until hell froze over from that one single 8-hour shift.

    As it is, I learned that it's probably good I never wanted to be a police officer. :shifty:
  7. Fyrtwuck

    Fyrtwuck Keyboard Operator Armed Forces Law Enforcement

    As dumb as it sounds, I'm thinking about getting back into it again. A small PD near me has an opening and offering a take home car in the deal.
  8. Fyrtwuck

    Fyrtwuck Keyboard Operator Armed Forces Law Enforcement

    Well, I didn't do it. Seems this little town has a LOT of emphasis on writing tickets. The more the better. I don't mind writing them when I see them, but it's not my first priority. They gave me the impresssion that an officer didn't last long with that department if they didn't have a LOT of ticket activity.
  9. SoonerP226

    SoonerP226 Playing Pinochle

    I didn't know Asher was hiring...
  10. Fyrtwuck

    Fyrtwuck Keyboard Operator Armed Forces Law Enforcement

    I wasn't going to name names, but it was Alex.

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