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    Jo's sewing center in our RV.

    Good morning, Everyone. We had an early wake-up this morning, like at 5:00 am local time, by a loud vehicle on the property. Someone decided that they needed stuff from the Ranch, I guess. They took a gate wheel off of our service entrance gate, broke into one of our other volunteer's SUV and got an old I-pod, and tried to break into their RV. That was when they were met by him with a 12-gauge shotgun and got the h*ll out of Dodge.

    Otherwise, the wife and I did some prep and packing yesterday. I took my torque wrench and checked the torque on all of the lug nuts on our RV. Then, we started packing by emptying the taller cabinet in the picture above and laying it in the back of our Expedition. Then she put the stuff taken from it back into the various compartments. In the past, that cabinet has wanted to tip forward when we moved the RV, so it was important to find a better way to transport that stuff.

    Just one day over 2 weeks to go before we leave Oregon.
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    Good morning.

    That looks like a lot of stuff.

    I like the picture of the cowboy.
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    Those are all small paintings done in oil paint, mostly done my my mother. The one of the cowboy and saddle was done for a good friend of ours that was cowboy in reality and in heart. When we went to sell everything to buy an RV for future travel, we had to get rid of about 65 paintings that we had that were done by my mother. These small ones are all we had room for in the RV.

    Mother taught herself to paint and did so for many years, winning awards at the county fair and bartering them for things that she wanted. When she and Dad got a divorce, she started teaching the art to locals that wanted to learn. At one point, she had 60 to 65 students per week, each coming for 2 hours sessions, with as many as 4 per session. She also quit entering her paintings in the county fair so as to not compete with her students.

    If you go to my Smugmug site and look for "Our Home on Wheels," you can see a few more paintings that hang in our RV.
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    Wow, looks like a lot of room in there. How big is your RV?
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    I think the external dimension for length is 38 1/2 feet. Width without slides extended is 101 inches, or just under 8 1/2 feet.

    The DRV Suites' Elite Suites and Mobile Suites models all have 3 1/4" walls instead of 2" walls, allowing for more insulation and they are designed for people who intend to live in them full-time. (Ours is a Mobile Suites.) 15" triple box frame is one of the bigger and heavier frames. We've experienced temperatures from 115 degrees down to -6 degrees and have been comfortable inside. Of course, at the 115 degrees in OK, that "comfortable" is me being shirtless and in shorts.
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