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Discussion in 'Prepping' started by BadgeBunny, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Ok, here's the recipe I use and the tips I have for making sure you get an active starter. King Arthur Co. Is THE authority on all things bread and baking. I've tried several other starter recipes before and this one is hand's down the most reliable one I have tried.

    That said, do not be surprised if you have to try a couple of times to get a good start. There are so many variables -- room temperature, humidity, yeast in the air, time of year, even the temperature outside ...

    Ok ... enough with the yakking ... here we go ... ... ter-recipe

    Today is Day 1. Some things that are VERY IMPORTANT ... You can add a little more water if you need to in order to get the flour moist. Do NOT leave any of the flour dry.

    Use glass or plastic for your container, and all utensils that come into contact with the moist starter. Metal WILL react with yeast and kill it off.

    If you don't have any place in the house that stays consistently warm. If nothing else, turn the light on in the oven and set your starter in there.

    Here are my completely underwhelming photos of wet flour ... in a glass jar ... on the stove ... but no worries, things will get more exciting as we go along ... :thumbs:

    Btw, King Arthur sells their starter already "started" if you don't want to go to the trouble. But I enjoy learning how to do things the hard way ... :rolling:

    Argh ... if I can figure out how to post them ... sigh ...
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    Ok, I can't figure it out ... Jack?? Mr. Miller?? Help for the "special kid" ... :shifty: :banghead:

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    There is no help for you, but we try. :D
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    Hey YOU!! How's it been??
  5. RickN

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    Getting better. How you been?
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    Better. Started another round of steriods today. Can't figure out why my throat won't quit swelling but we think it's the hardware holding the vertebrae in place so the fusion can heal. So ... other than feeling like somebody has their hands around my throat trying to choke the **** outta me I'm good.

    Oh but because steroids slow bone growth now I get to wear this thing called a bone stimulator around my neck for 4 hours EVERY DAY.

    PT's good. Walking a mile and a half every morning then doing a couple of hours cardio on the bike at the gym every day. (I'm still on a liquid diet because of the swelling. Sometimes I aspirate liquid into my lungs. The cardio burns that off so I don't have to worry about pneumonia ... or worse.

    Still, all things considered I really can't complain. Even if I'd known I was gonna have these problems I still would have done it because for the first time in my life I don't have a headache -- well, except for the 4 hours I have to wear that bone stimulator. It causes me to have a headache ... haha! Go figure ...
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    Well at least you can see light at the end of the tunnel. That is always a good thing. Unless of course it is a train, then you are screwed. :D
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    There's always that brief period you're not sure which of those two situations you're in. That's the worst. But by that time you're too deep in to make a run for it, so you just push forward and either you come out the other side or get squashed. Either way, there's not much use worrying about it.:rolling2:
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    This is where I am now. They are talking about going back in and removing the hardware in 8-12 months. They are gonna have to catch me first. Lol
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    They'll use a large magnet.
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    You know I puke it up for if they gave me half a chance. That hardware is what is causing my problems, we think ... kinda just gonna have to deal for a few months though ... like a cast on your leg and you have an itch ... argh!

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