Seen any good movies lately?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. BadgeBunny

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    You scare me!! Haha! Let me see if I can find something.
  2. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    Let's just say she's a lovable character from the late Mr. Charles Schulz.:mrgreen:
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  3. BadgeBunny

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    Haha! How's this one??
  4. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    Well it's not peppermint patti, but I can live with it.:thumbsup:
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  5. BadgeBunny

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    Well, at least the colors are right! :p
  6. TerryMiller

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    And it looks close to a red stiletto shoe. But then, what do I know about stiletto shoes?
  7. Viper53

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    John Wick 2. Not as good as one IMO.

    I rented it for a dollar. I would give it two stars.
  8. SoonerP226

    SoonerP226 Playing Pinochle

    I agree. I saw it at the Warren, and it's worth watching, but the first one was better.
  9. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    Haven't seen number 2 yet.

    Let's see, "Freetown" was good. It's about Mormon missionaries, which is kind of a bummer, but they didn't push any Mormon dogma so that was good. The movie is about Mormon missionaries trying to escape the Liberian genocide.

    "Rogue One" was definitely worth watching. It's a little confusing in the very beginning, but everything comes together. You have to have seen the original movies for it to make any sense.
  10. Viper53

    Viper53 Pawpaw Staff Member

    I've had Rogue One for about a month, but haven't watched it.
  11. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    It was good.
  12. SoonerP226

    SoonerP226 Playing Pinochle

    I just received a copy of one of my favorites, We're No Angels, on DVD. It's a comedy that stars Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, Peter Ustinov, and Adolphe the snake as escapees from Devil's Island who hide out in a small family-run store with the intent of killing them and taking all the money. Instead (despite the running gag of "tonight, while they're sleeping, we'll slit their throats and escape"), they end up fixing the broken things about the store and getting it (as well as the lives of the family members) back in running order.
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  13. RPZ

    RPZ Keyboard Operator

    Favorite movies of all time? Most things Hollywood have been weak disappointments for me the last decade or more. Tough one; so many good films over so many decades. I will probably have to edit [add] films as they come to mind later.

    Most recent film that I enjoyed at the cinema was Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise.

    The most recent one that firmly makes my top favorites listing is Act of Valor. More of a documentary drama, but superb in many regards.

    Lawrence of Arabia
    All the elements of a great epic film, with a substantial historical basis as a bonus despite some artistic license.

    Seven Samurai
    A real foreign made classic that was the basis for the Magnificent Seven, which while very good I prefer the Samurai original.

    The Third Man
    Orson Wells's first leading role. Originally his role as Harry was intended to be played by Robert Mitchum - one of my favorite actors - however he was supposedly in jail on a marijuana charge. Trevor Howard is also among my favorite actors.

    The Sound of Music
    Yes, that one. Can not shake it off. Had a hook in me since childhood.

    Ben Hur
    Charleton Heston, a man of great character in what was probably his best performance. Epic film.

    Another historically based epic film with all the elements.

    The Longest Day
    All the elements with historical basis despite some artistic license. Only glaring flaw in my opinion was the miscasting of Peter Lawford as Lord (MacShimidh) Lovat. Not a good choice at all. Lord Lovat was a technical adviser for the film. Supposedly he commented at some point (regarding Lawford) with great irritation something like, "I never walked like that! that is a sissy's walk". His rifle depicted in the film, a Steyr Mannlicher-Schoenauer, was one of his preferred rifles.

    The Battle of Britain
    Basically as above.

    The Sand Pebbles
    Steve McQueen at his best. All the elements.

    John Wayne
    What!!?? No such film! Well, so many, so good. Dynamite! Here are just a few of them;

    The Searchers
    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
    Red River
    Rio Bravo

    Tora! Tora! Tora!
    Another great historical epic.

    Das Boot
    This film was based on the writings of a German war correspondent and the events around several German U-boats during the course of the war. This is probably the most authentic film of the average German boat crew, life aboard, and recreation of the interior of a Type VII boat. Sometimes I will watch it in English, sometimes German with subtitles.

    One of the most striking elements here is that George C. Scott who played General Patton, actually did not hold him in high regard as a person. However despite this he rendered a superb performance; Scott's best role ever in my opinion. Some artistic license in the film, to the degree that some instances as depicted never occurred, or exactly as shown. But most were "in the authentic spirit of Patton" as it were. All the elements.

    Lord of the Rings (the Trilogy)
    I am not generally into fantasia or science fiction, but these are among my favorites for a number of reasons. The musical score is fantastic, and I never tire of listening to it.

    The first and the best. Other than the unneccessary and repeated "GDs" in the script (A great irritation in many otherwise good films), a great film. Alien and Gladiator are in my opinion Ridley Scott's best films. Aliens was quite good too, but not up to this one in my opinion. Had Ridley Scott directed the second one I think it could have been much better. The ones that followed after Aliens went down silly roads, and were unwatchable for me. The two recent ones, Prometheus and Alien Covenants were disappointments.

    The Passion
    Perhaps Mel's best.

    We Were Soldiers
    Another of Mel's better films.

    Great story, cast and acting, scripts, directing, locations, sets, cinematography, and musical score. All the elements of films I can watch numerous times as years go by. Movie trivia: Oliver Reed died during the making of this film. He was better known in British film making, but was superb in his role as the gladiator school master.

    The Grandmaster
    I really liked this film. Excellently acted and shot. It had more emphasis on the story than fight scenes for fight scenes' sake. I did also like the subsequent films varying in title around the IP Man theme with a different actor in the lead role.

    More to follow..


    Also rans. Movies I really like but do not make the all time favorites ........

    K-19 The Widowmaker

    Story based on a Soviet Russian submarine accident. Good performance by Harrison Ford and the rest of the cast.

    Really like this western with Paul Newman and Richard Boone.
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  14. Viper53

    Viper53 Pawpaw Staff Member

    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. American and Swedish versions are both very good. The other two movies in the Swedish Trilogy are The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
  15. Viper53

    Viper53 Pawpaw Staff Member

    Jason Bourne.

    I would give this a 1.
    Story 10.
    Acting 9.
    Screen play 9.
    Camera work -27. Terrible. The fight and chase scenes are unwatchable for me. Even in the still shots the camera is being bobbed around. But this is what passes for action, wave the camera around like a crackhead in withdrawal change camera angles like a bored 2 year old with ADD.

    Wait until it's free or at most a dollar.
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  16. Mac

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    A pet peeve of mine as well. Very eloquent description btw... :D
  17. Viper53

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    It was either that or "like someone peeing on an electric fence".
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