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    Well not much to tell here. We started with folding stock mni-14s. These were semi auto only and were a step up from the 870 shotgun. We had just had three troopers killed for no other reason than the bad guys had rifles and we did not. Then the department went to Colt AR-15s. 16" pencil barrel and collapsible stocks. Huge improvement in accuracy. Bought mine when I retired.
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    I remember that. 1978 IIRC. Just a guess here, but I'm guessing you are BB's hubby.

    If I remember right, Pappy Grimes had a lever action rifle he was using against the bad guys.

    The first rifle I carried in a car was a folding stocked M-1 carbine. Later on my dad bought me a folding stock Mini-14 and I carried it till I found out how finicky the mini-14 was with magazines. Then I went to a Colt SP-1 carbine.

    If I were to start working again I'd carry either a Sig 556 Classic or the Beretta ARX-100.

    The Beretta is really good if you're left handed. Totally ambidextrous.
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    I bought myself a new rifle for Christmas and I finally got around to shooting it. Really impressed. It's a Beretta ARX100. .223/5.56, uses standard AR magazines. TOTALLY ambidextrous, even ejection. Really good features with me being left handed. Folding/retractable stock, piston operated. Barrels can be changed without tools so making it into an SBR just takes a shorter barrel and a Form-1.

    The worst feature is the BUIS system. Easily replaced by a set of Magpul or any other BUIS that fits on a rail.
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    I've been wanting one of those since they came out.
  5. Fyrtwuck

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    There is one for sale on OSA for a decent price.

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