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Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by Bob Wright, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Bob Wright

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    I live in Memphis. Home of BBQ, Mississippi River and BassPro Pyramid. I was raised on Memphis barbecue, or BBQ, since I was a little tad. My Dad often took me to a place called Charlie's BBQ, though my mother didn't approve. It was sort of a beer joint, with crude plywood booths painted light blue, and a big mural on the wall of Custer's Last Stand. Even got interviewed once by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal asking my critique of BBQ.

    The Bass Pro shop here is a fabulous place and worth a trip to Memphis to see. Its free admission, ten bucks to ride the elevator to the peak. And inside its like a trip through the swamp.

    Bob Wright
  2. Viper53

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    I used to have a bbq sauce recipe that had Tang and beer in it. It was pretty good as long as you seared the meat first. I would buy Campbell brown sugar beans and mix in some of the sauce.
  3. Jack

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    That better be some elevator for ten bucks!:unsure2:
  4. Bob Wright

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    It is round trip. The shaft is free standing for about ninety feet, and at the top is a lounge/snack bar, and two balconies overlooking the Mississippi River and the Memphis skyline. The balconies have glass floors for added thrill.

    Bob Wright
  5. Fyrtwuck

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    I'm originally from Alabama and have driven through Memphis many times. Years ago you had to drive through downtown to access old highway 78 to go through Mississippi into Alabama. The last time I was down there was 1995. I can only imagine how much it's changed since then.

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