howdy from oklahoma

Discussion in 'New Member Area' started by winchester 94 30-30, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. thanks for having me onboard and look forward to meeting new people!
  2. Viper53

    Viper53 Pawpaw Staff Member

    Welcome winchester 94 30-30.

    Are you a pre 64? :D

    I look forward to learning from you.
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  3. mine is a ranger model 94 angle eject ;) and howdy viper53!
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  4. TerryMiller

    TerryMiller Poster of God's Beauty Armed Forces

    I don't understand all that technical jargon... you have a picture? I understand pictures.

    Oh, and welcome.
  5. Viper53

    Viper53 Pawpaw Staff Member

    Just watch Winchester '73 and that should do.
  6. Jack

    Jack Fearless Leader Staff Member

    I think we've found our man to start a photo thread in the black powder forum.:thumbsup:
  7. Mac

    Mac Shootist

    Howdy and welcome! :cheers:
  8. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Keyboard Operator

    Heya! Glad you are here!!

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