Bet they didn't teach you this one!

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    No, that's not something they taught at the academy. I know of an Okc officer who did that and had to face a review board for excessive force.

    I was talking to a Sgt. back in the eighties and we were discussing back-up weapons and weapons of opportunity. I left the conversation totally P.O.ed because he was trying to tell me that any weapon I used that hadn't been approved or certified and without a certificate of training for that item couldn't be used because i'd have to justify it in court and be liable for a civil rights lawsuit. Without the approval/certification, I'd be screwed in court.

    My response was that I'd use whatever I had to use to stay alive and I'd be happy to go to court to defend that decision. I'll play by the rules and policy, but if there comes a time that I have to go past that level, I will. He didn't care for that response and I stayed away from him as much as I could during my time at that dept.

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